6 Dec 2012: new evidence for Nefertiti

There has always been a dearth of new evidence for things from the controversial Amarna Period, so when something new does appear, it is a welcome relief to the re-hashing of old things.


The Belgian Deir el-Bersha mission has found a text of year 16 of Akhenaten which also mentions Neferitit (this is second-hand so I am repeating what is in the article). It suggests that Nefertiti was alive hear the end of the reign of Akhenaten and hopefully will put to bed the old stories about her "disappearing", "being disgraced", etc. It makes the theory that she assumed the kingship on her husband's death all the more likely.


17/01/2013 11:52

Hello Nigel, love the new blog...really need a serious line of communication now. Amazing new evidence of Nefertiti. So much more of her yet to come? Please keep osting, best from California


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