I was unaware that the SCA was lacking a head at the moment, but news reports indicate that a new man was appointed this week:

He is Mohamed Ibrahim Aly. Mostafa Amin was still the head of the SCA in an Al-Ahram article on the 7th (http://english.ahram.org.eg/~/NewsContentP/9/28596/Heritage/Secretary-General-of-the-Supreme-Council-of-Antiqu.aspx). 
If anyone can fill me in on what has happened it would be great.

12/12/2011 02:42

Actually, Ibrahim Ali is the new minister of the newly formed Ministry for Antiquities (MSA). Mustafa Amin will, AFAIK, remain at his post as secretary-general of the SCA, but the SCA will once again fall under the hood of the MSA, as it did two times already this year. Both times the MSA was desolved, and both times it was reinstated. I hope this clears things up a little. :-)

Nigel Strudwick
12/12/2011 06:04

Thanks. I got the same information via the head of the Austrian Institute in Cairo, so it just looks to me as if the news sources I use didn't carry the fact of the existence of the ministry again. Probably they were concentrating on the elections.

Nigel Strudwick
13/12/2011 10:15

I understand that Al-Ahram will be interviewing persons concerned in the next week and so things should be clearer.


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