This important email has come through from the Director of the Museum, about access to information for the next six months.

To whom it may concern,

Due to the current situation in Egypt, I regret to say that the Registration, Collections Management and Documentation Department (RCMDD) and the curatorial staff of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo will not be accepting any new requests for object information and images starting from 1 December, 2011 until 30 May, 2012. This is due to the huge backlog that was created following the events of January 28th, as well as the renovations that are currently happening in the Museum. Information on objects from our collection can still be obtained by accessing the intranet version of the Museum Database on the computers dedicated to scholars in the RCMDD office, located in the museum basement.  The department is open to scholars from 9:30 am until 2:00 pm, Sunday-Thursday.

Dr. Tarek El Awady
General Director,The Egyptian Museum, Cairo

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