Here we have a mindless attempt by a English Council to sell off a valuable statue to make money. It would appear that this goes against all the advice they have received, good practice etc. If you search for news items on this subject--not all unbiased it has to be admitted--there does appear to be an out break of cultural philistinism at the root of it. There is a link to a petition  which can be signed.

This statue was given to the Northampton Museum a long time ago by a local nobleman. I quote from the above page: ""This was given to the Museum by the 3rd Marquess of Northampton with the intention that the people of Northampton should look and learn from this and other gifted Collections."

The statue is a 5th dynasty one of Sekhemka, and has been valued at £2-3 million I understand.

02/11/2012 04:33

It is scandalous that Northampton council are planning to sell the statue of Sekhemka to plug a gap in their finances.The statue does not belong to them but to the people of northampton and to the people of the UK to admire and appreciate.


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